It's Tuesday or something and we've been in the studio for I dunno, feels like a week straight, no breaks at all. Damn. I gotta get outside, I almost never go outside, it's getting real nice out again, finally, and Laika is looking at me grunting like, why the hell are we still - alwayyyss- in this tiny room… but I have to be in here, so here we are, again. Sorry doggie. We got a banger going. Every new song we write is my favorite. This one really sounds like a damn hit to me. Maybe I’m fooling myself? I ask Eric, “So what do you want someone to feel when they hear this?” He thinks for not even a couple seconds, “Like the way a kid feels when they shake up a soda and open it”. Yeah, I can get behind that. I add some fizz. We’ve been writing all these songs and now it feels like they’re about ready to burst out of here, like that sludgy carbon dioxide mist out of the mouth of a two liter bottle.


Majikhaus.. so what, a house made out of magic? Intangible, surreal, glowing and mystic but somehow, still feels like home? Well that's what we’ve been building. Already it feels like a journey even tho we're only just getting started. I’ve been making music for a long time, with friends and with different kinds of weirdos and wannabes and artists and try-hards, in basements and apartments, on the east coast and now here in CO. Nothing ever felt right like this. This is my life now, living in the studio, trying to make something happen. There’s nothing I want to do besides this. I don’t have to ask Eric if he feels the same way.. I know he does, cos he shows up every day to do this. And this is all we do.

We just put out our first batch of songs, called ‘nine.old.tracks’ since most of them were written and produced when we first got together at the beginning of 2014, before Eric had to go to New Mexico for like two damn years, and before I built the studio we now call our home. We have so much more in the works and you’ll see what that’s all about soon enough. We got plans. We got stories. We have a million songs we want you to hear. We have shows, our very first shows, coming up, and they’re going to be crazy. More than all that, we have so much we want you to feel. Excitement, possibility, motion, strength, beauty, heartbreak, good times.. It’s all on the horizon.

-rich g, march 29, 2016